How do I become a patient at Wellspring Natural Health?  

Please call our office at 831.648.1870 and our staff will be happy to give you any information you need and also schedule your initial appointment.

Are the Naturopathic Doctors covered by insurance?

As of right now, Naturopathic Doctors are not covered by insurance in the state of California.  However, more and more patients are getting partial reimbursement for their visits by their insurance companies after they submit a superbill from our office.  We will provide a superbill at no cost to you but it is each patient’s responsibility to submit it to your insurance.  The more you ask your insurance company to cover the cost of our care, the more likely you are to have it covered.


Are labs covered when ordered by the Naturopathic Doctors in California?

It is each patient’s responsibility to call their insurance company and ask if Naturopathic Doctors may request lab work that will be covered and to what extent based on your plan. We are not covered by Medicare and so every Medicare patients must use their primary physician or pay out of pocket via a lab online or locally.  We do offer two local cash-based labs as alternatives for those who do no have health insurance or who want to pay out of pocket for lab work by choice.  These cash-priced labs are offered at a huge discount to patients and are an affordable option to get answers.